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We provide the transitional leadership, trusted network, investors and skills to: enable organisations realise their full potential, even in most demanding circumstances.

We create a learning culture in which people thrive, achieve breakthrough results & stay there.

By working with us you could experience the winningthinking.uk technology: the approach we have developed behind our prestigious awards.

An introduction from our CEO

“Icebreaker combines a quiet low key persona with a most tenacious commercially driven process. In hrs they pick up all the key elements of a business issue and feeds back and detailed action plan that with his personality breeds real confidence in his ability to transform a challenging business situation. Great team and fun to trust and work with in any high level management.” John Webster VC & Portfolio Chairman

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Achieving a Breakthrough

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We refresh and empower teams to implement strategy with fun and energy. These people realise business transformation:

“As COO £200m Arjo Huntleigh Group (Medical Devices and Systems) The culture was a well established manufacturing and design business that had not changed for many, many years. He was very mindful of this and spent nearly all the early weeks convincing the business as a whole that his way forward was the right way, having of course agreed it with me first. Once we had buy-in from the rest of the team the benefits were there for all to see.” Tom increased the divisional profit annually by 10%. I honestly believe that without his input at a crucial stage in the project we may well still be thinking and planning today.” More

We are enterprise leaders: we uniquely put the companies interests before our own. You can count on us.

As Chairman “£8m Syntech SW (Electronics Telecoms Capital Equipment Design and Manufacturing) Turnover dropped from 17m in 2011 – £7m in 2013. The business haemorrhaged cash for most of q1 and q2 2013, and revenue was 40% below breakeven. The management team has failed to manage the sales pipeline and or achieve monthly sales targets. Product pricing was inconsistent and key customers were being let down. Headcount was cut to reduce the breakeven to just less than £7m. The business balance sheet was £1.5m negative as funding was still geared to the 20m revenue level and working capital. 2 weeks after engaging icebreaker in June 2013 the business achieved £640k revenue and returned a 10% profit (including restructuring costs). icebreaker engaged with the directors and completed an IBR to establish the financials and governance gaps. A sales director was appointed, and means of managing existing and new customers put in place. A turnaround plan was created to recover revenue back to profit which included putting in place the right organisation, educating the directors as to their roles, and how to interact with the team and new structure.” More

“In 4 days of due diligence with the icebreaker team at Birkbys Plastics we gained credibility with the vehicle manufacturers armed with the root cause, sound analysis and a recovery plan” VC Managing Partner

We open up profit possibilities.

As Director £40m Trend Controls (Leading Pioneer of Electronic Building Control Systems) “Trend Control Systems now dominates the homemarket with a 40% share in the UK. Trend is a mould breaking story of successful change from make to stock to make to order combined in rare fashion with both high Product variety and shortest possible lead times. Thats why as Pickering says Trend is having its cake and eating it.” Make vs. buy program led non core products outsourced to Near and Far East, saving 70% unit costs, leaving a world class competitive UK plant. 90-99% OTIF. More

As intrepreneurs, advisors, executives and joint owners we are willing to take risks and exercise initiative, to take advantage of market opportunities by planning, organising, and employing resources, by innovating new or improving existing products and associated services.

“I would recommend icebreaker to any business needing a rapid and intelligent diagnosis of its strategic position and immediate energy and clarity to help management implement turnaround solutions. they brings clarity and focus and they encourage direct and concise communication within the management team. The team provides vital pressure for progress along with quality input and the valuable opportunity to sound ideas out. They were instrumental in the introduction of clear and relevant KPIs together with a crisp weekly format for reviewing which means that the function of our Senior Management Team has improved substantially”. Paul Cunningham MD Aspace

What’s important to us? It’s all about enabling, refreshing capability and developing people. This is how we transform businesses, and achieve enduring results.

“Icebreaker came into the Safran Aerospace at a critical time when significant change, support and direction were needed. They meticulously guided the team, working within his revised management structure that started to quickly deliver results, which took the whole team by surprise. They achieved a more capable, competent and confident team” Paul Gardner, Executive Safran Aerospace Group

No two pieces of work we complete will ever look the same: we continually evolve our approach and learn.

“In an incredibly short period the icebreaker program imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader who is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.” Alistair Greenfield former ARM Holdings Marketing Director

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