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We provide the transitional leadership, trusted network, investors and skills to: enable organisations realise their full potential, even in most demanding circumstances.

We create a learning culture in which people thrive, achieve breakthrough results & stay there.

By working with us you could experience the winningthinking.uk technology: the approach we have developed. The engine behind our prestigious awards.

An introduction from our CEO:

“Icebreaker combines a quiet low key persona with a most tenacious commercially driven process. In hrs they pick up all the key elements of a business issue and feeds back and detailed action plan that with his personality breeds real confidence in his ability to transform a challenging business situation. Great team and fun to trust and work with in any high level management.” John Webster VC & Portfolio Chairman


Achieving a Breakthrough

We refresh and empower teams to implement strategy with fun and energy. These people realise business transformation:

Examples from our 200 company performance turnarounds

  • Only took 8 words to get £500m FTSE CEO to change course of action, to save the business

  • PE backed Tech launch 10 year delay, spent £10m, & achieved £0 sales. Got to market in 3 months

  • Privately owned £15m Retailer balance sheet -£2m negative to positive in 3 months

  • £480m Major international retailer – in 3 days identified to VC when going bust

  • Aircraft engine design team delivery c0% on time– 85% on time in 3 months

  • £200m Swedish Group– in 5 months achieved 10% profit increase & subsequently £15m cash creation year on year

We work with a variety of clients

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