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The NHS core flaw is weak recruitment and worse procurement

The root of the tragedy in the NHS (in my view) is certainly weak recruitment why?... because the selection process panders to the industry politically correct norms. Yes this reaches a point of "certainty", (and an easy fee for the recruiter) but misses the required capability to make a difference. Do the NHS really want [...]

A great analysis of the downside of social media on society

Its important to face and manage the downside of technology... for example SOCIAL MEDIA. This is what research shows is the reality and nature of it...  It causes us to: lose our perspective; damages our character; lose ourselves and even better leeches our free will. Its reward and punishment schemes are intentionally like gambling designed [...]

Why is Ind. Rev4 so different and why should we be concerned?

Definition of reckless: "heedless of danger or the consequences of one's actions; rash or impetuous." Exec Summary: This 2 minute video summarises the emerging digital driven trends at a macro level ... What is the difference between these 2 bikes? The Mobike is Chinese and designed for a digital convergent business model: convenience, availability, high service, no [...]

Creating an unfair advantage: Part 2: become productive

Creating an unfair advantage: Part 2: become productive Last week a LBO investor said one of his investments was up for sale yet the CEO was pushing the unprofitable international business rather than the profitable core business. How could that be and what is the solution? Why is winningthinking.uk so successful? It might surprise you to [...]

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Part 1: revitalising a company’s profits

Creating an unfair advantage: Part 1: revitalising a company's profits I am delighted to say that over 30 organisations spanning banking, investment, VC , PE, industrial, professional services & distribution, have enjoyed, yes literally enjoyed the winningthinking.uk experience... And many said they loved it! What is pleasing the outcome has been far more successful and engaging than even [...]

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“Lean and agile? or silence and inactivity?”

What is the impact of criticising your team for their actions as well as how they act? What would the impact on your staff be like, if you take this type of perspective with them? Your employee’s response will be characterised by silence? and inactivity? So, does "critical thinking" create agility?... "PAH"! "If you think you know better - you [...]

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winningthinking.uk – Our Story

winningthinking.uk - Our Story - Superman vs. Harnessing the latent power of your team to drive transformation A new client asked us what the difference is between our approach and that of other turnaround / performance transformation solutions. The answer is that there are many differences... so here is the last 12 years summary explained into [...]

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Do you intellectualise employee engagement? 

"How on earth do your employees put up with this?" Do you intellectualise employee engagement?  ...Your employees DON'T! Here is the reality of what goes on... “The main industrial project was due to be launched, yet much of the design still had not been verified.” £50m Industrial manufacturer ... The MD and Chairman of this business could not understand [...]

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