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Are you too busy…?

Are you too busy...? In this successful profitable £100m (£8M EBITA) business the team were effective for 1.7 hrs / day. To explain last week I engaged with a capable, engaging, humble, ambitious board member and great leader of a £100m t/o business making £8M EBITDA.  She didn’t get how to recognise misguided activity from [...]

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The spectrum of leadership behaviour is wide!

The breadth of these "leadership norms" renders even the term "leadership" meaningless. A leadership disregard and lack of understanding of people seems to becoming more common and people are becoming more difficult to lead? Its a very costly way to run a business. winningthinking.uk holds up the mirror to enable these well meaning leaders to [...]

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How will #artificialintelligence affect your business and when?

How will #artificialintelligence affect your business and when?... Try this - watch this documentary below... Its a tricky question because: the $Bn industry has virtually no regulations; there is little understanding of how AI works nor how the AI decisions are reached, #deeplearning takes a life of its own; super intelligence will usurp all humans on [...]

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Chapter 3 of 12 of winningthinking.uk®

Can you build an enduring business without taking NEW action? Last week 250 of 7000 of you took this unique opportunity to take NEW action. Its our thinking that drives new actions, to enable us to adapt to: changes; the future and threats? Conversely if you are disengaged no NEW action is taken? So are [...]

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Facebook – why might there be a problem?

This is the Facebook mantra that would have steered Facebook's and partners actions to break the law: “To get people to the point where there’s more openness – that’s a big challenge,” Zuckerberg said. “But I think we’ll do it. I just think it will take time. The concept that the world will be better [...]

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