You get access to our specialist transition leaders, supported as required by a trusted network of investors and skills to enable your organisation to realise your full potential. We provide you with solutions to meet very successful businesses and your solutions that are too difficult for more traditional sources of resource to make sense of: navigate; realise results or create cash fast enough.

We create for you a learning culture in which people thrive, achieve breakthrough results & stay there.

By working with us you will experience the technology: and learn how we consistently achieve our prestigious awards.

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“Icebreaker combines a quiet low key persona with a most tenacious commercially driven process. In hrs, they pick up all the key elements of a business issue and feeds back and detailed action plan that with his personality breeds real confidence in his ability to transform a challenging business situation. Great team and fun to trust and work within any high-level management.” John Webster VC & Portfolio Chairman

Achieving a Breakthrough

We refresh and empower teams to implement the strategy with fun and energy. These people realise business transformation:

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