This video is a very interesting insight into the norm in banks – Why does this never even makes the news… its the organisational norm so it very difficult to speak up against. This only comes to light in a turnaround when a business collapses and this is all laid bare.

With the onset of AI etc business value will be destroyed for businesses that don’t have a well aligned view of these types of internal challenges.

We have had to address this type of scenario, which is why we created the tools. Its simple only 35mins in total that will prevent this type of activity and if you put it into practice will go along way to future proof your business.

Even if your business is successful in these tough times denial is becoming the norm because the facts are too tough to face which is very dangerous.

Denial is another form of lying which as we know catches up with you and no even a short term strategy 🙂

only the best Tom