Learning in a way that prompts leaders to think, reflect and act. With: freedom of choice; decisions; leveraging diversity and free will – winningthinking.uk & nudge theory

Leaders have too much to do and too little time to do it, and that includes their own development. Companies spend too much money on development that doesn’t pan out. Companies fail to meet their strategic goals too often. Using nudge theory would be one way to fix those problems — as long as the approach is tailored to the individual’s strengths, allows them to learn in a format that will have the greatest impact, and prompts them to think, reflect, and act.

It must always allow the leader freedom of choice, too. After all, leaders are chosen because of their prior decisions. Development programs that steer leaders away from their natural abilities and talents won’t do anyone any good — like the 50% to 60% of leaders who failed to achieve the strategy they were hired to execute could probably attest.

this is winningthinking.uk theory?