A new 5G risk assessment published by the European Union is forthright enough to admit that foreign intelligence activities pose a threat to its strategic autonomy.

Yet, a full decoupling is not a viable option even in the short-term: Huawei supplies and operates about half of the mobile networks in Germany, where dominant operators are pressured by their shareholders to pay out dividends rather than investing in high-end networks.

The Chinese market is also far more critical to Singaporean and European businesses than for their US counterparts. China accounts for five per cent of Germany’s overseas investment stock – compared to just one per cent for the US – while China accounts for some staggering 20 per cent of Singapore’s foreign investments. European 5G vendors – Nokia and Ericsson – are now marginalised in the Chinese market, and may not survive without it.

source: https://www.eurasiareview. com/08122019-the-core-of-the-5g-problem-analysis