A rare leadership quality is having the integrity to raise, and resolve issues that are WRONG? Yet the MAJORITY always sit low and say nothing? In 2.5 minutes this video makes the stark link between 1. today’s common prolific tech investment & leadership strategy and 2. the bystanders and participants that went along with carrying out the holocaust. The common human conclusion drawn is this “that is NOT right” The “that is NOT right” conclusion requires no analysis, growth hacking or any other nonsense delaying taking action Then what happened…? Nothing… Why? Statistically given the same events that led to the holocaust: a population and their advisors faced by the same situation would probably participate in another holocaust. What can we do to prevent such catastrophic events? winningthinking.uk is the proven tool in 1 day to safely blow the doors off flawed strategies in a controlled way. As regards climate change it is the same investors calling the strategic shots so worth fixing? What do you think? Who chooses to act? Will history repeat itself ? cheers Tom venturecapital familyoffices vc counterintuitive turnaroundmanagement portfoliomanagement techstrategies entrepreneurialism digitalfeudalism growth growthhacking