dehumanising and disturbing?

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This is dehumanising and disturbing> its clear to me this will further cause people to lose themselves and exasperate the current suicide crisis?


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Interserve was such an obvious target to fail after Carillion, what lessons did the leadership take from Carillion? :) hashtag#leadership hashtag#resilience hashtag#culture

China’s debt load is stalling their pillage

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It's refreshing to see the basic economics catching up with Phase 2 of "China's infrastructure investment plans.." Their debt load should stall their global pillage...? hashtag#globalization hashtag#china hashtag#infrastructure hashtag#investments hashtag#resilience

Chinese superplatforms

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A great summary of how digital is enabling convergent business models. This is completely uprooting the traditional players and being led by China. Phase 5 of China's plan is to export their [...]


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Interesting UK stat: Of those with over £10m only 10% give anything to charity at all and on average this group give £240 each per year. I think giving - will be [...]

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