ethical ai – LOL

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#ethicalaiLOL... here is some proper thinking on why we won't be able to control #artificialintelligence or #machinelearning "Already there exist today machines completing tasks without help from human programmers. The programmers themselves do not understand how [...]

The woke fuelled escalating gender crisis

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This woke #gender -driven silence is corrupting professionals and prevents reaching the truth see 25.30: These lies play to the weaknesses of young girls, these lies are causing a psychological contagion and infinite variants [...]

Bitcoin energy consumption

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#LOLatBitcoin, #bitcoin is the ninth most valuable asset in the world, now requires nearly as much energy as the entire country of Argentina. The Bank of England had warned that cryptocurrency had “no intrinsic value” and [...]

Wellbeing and tech!

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Another girl at my daughter's school committed suicide yesterday. What are you doing to stop the rollout of #tech and #ai? #Tech and #ai is destroying productive businesses, #well-being, #work, #thinking, and #psychologicallyduping execs as well as addicting most of us. What actions are [...]

Bitcoin …!

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"Right now, #Bitcoin is a textbook Ponzi scheme. The evidence is crystal clear, don’t trust any Bitboy who tells you otherwise: It has no intrinsic value. You can’t eat it, wear it, or heat [...]

SPACs are another ..

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In my view, there is nothing much of any real-world substance to invest in so.. Ponzi tech deals or SPAC structures are being abused for benefit of the very few. Tech - [...]

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