The importance of a ruler/leader

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"Tsekung asked about government and Confucius replied: 'People must have sufficient to eat; there must be a sufficient army; and there must be confidence of people in the ruler.' 'If you are [...]

ESG the anti-trust tyranny

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#ESG is another malign ideological force that undermines boards and many don't recognise. There is an unhealthy anti-trust / anti-competitive level of control attempted by the likes of Vanguard and Blackrock to impose [...]

Big 4 and woke

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The big4 do seem to be stoking up its self-serving woke #intersectionalism (victim-centric) #gravytrain. Leaders must deal with the specifics and ask the #women specifically, or else these woke #generals just fuel division and #conflict. This is about "equality [...]

Biblical view of woke

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  whites act in their own interest convergence where it suits them financially / advantages - only time act, love their neighbour opposite intersectionality more division claims the better intersection victim oppressor, [...]

US perspective on our woke culture

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A US perspective on the UK #Culture is valuable: "Over time, as governments began to separate themselves from religion, many responsibilities of the church became transferred to the state. The gradual progression of socialist [...]

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