Are you burning cash? Even if cashflow is not one of your key constraints, how do turnaround skills support good management and avert the corporate hazard of “the atomic plant and and the bike shed effect” (or spending too much time on trivial decisions) and the dangers of “work expands to fill the time available for its completion?

Icebreaker are experts in turnaround, and support management teams make decisions that reduce the risk of going down an insolvency path.   In 12 days the icebreaker team turned around a complex and severely cash constrained business, applying their precise Marketing, Managing and Commercial expertise – completely reversing the crisis. More

Icebreaker supports Executive Teams to deliver cash and EBIT gains by challenging, supporting decision making and implementing plans.  Icebreaker differentiates by acting with pace and by leaving a legacy – developing internal capability and teamwork

Specifically in this case the very capable MD repeated this tune “Our customers are hooked on discounts like they are hooked on crack cocaine”. With our help he understood this was the root cause of the businesses imminent failure. Emotional intelligence is the key capability to engage teams in any situation, but is essential in a turnaround; key to unravel distorted thinking and or firing the wrong people. more

The difference that icebreaker brought to this example was:  “Moving at pace, robust financial analysis, man marking the key executives, using no PowerPoint and supporting delivery at all levels”  “Executives execute the plan themselves and doing the thinking for them is worse than a waste of time.”

The customer commented – “Your input has been consistently bracing and excellent”

Icebreaker delivers based on these capabilities and views turnaround as a unique privileged situation;

the myopic focus to refocus the business back to the defendable core

the ability to engage and change people’s engrained behaviour from day 1

the ability and interest to leave a successful legacy then go

experience of what is possible in days vs. the norm for others

having the right people, expert sector and functional; solely interested to do what is right for the business

a business model congruent with the challenge

the ability to implement change on multi fronts and grow a business, and leverage a network to grow the business

Oh – and leadership with the level of commitment, energy and tenacity to cycle across the Australian desert.

All most businesses are missing is the expert catalyst to identify and focus, plus a supporting capability to deliver the desired outcome. Call us if you have motivational issues, avoid management failing, identify what success looks like, accelerate or oversee results, or are a concerned investor..

PS. We are running our 2 day program, again at Ashridge business school on April 28-29th. You are welcome to apply to join us and network with some of the best professionals in the industry Link to details or PDF Download course Summary