Our Commitment

Icebreaker put our reputations against delivering the plans we create. We provide a seamless solution at a fixed cost. we prize accountability, delivery and teamwork.

Consistency of approach, the highest integrity and the ability to get the plan right first time are our key differentiators. This enables us to pull forward analysis and project delivery without additional cost. Delivering and embedding step change in the most challenging scenarios is our comfort zone, and less critical scenarios much easier!.

Our programs are rooted in hard to get primary facts

“The best practices implemented were based on collecting hard data from leading players in the industry; sold to all stakeholders and the project was successfully progressed to implementation” Executive Centrica

With respect and commitment to developing management

“His ability, experience, and common sense approach in leading a major change program have created significant value for our Group.  His commitment and enthusiasm are infectious. He led the integration process from start to finish delivering the challenging goals we had set.  His expertise, excellent interpersonal and communication skills were major factors in our success in bringing the two companies together so quickly”. CEO, Linpac European packaging manufacturer