Its important to face and manage the downside of technology… for example SOCIAL MEDIA. This is what research shows is the reality and nature of it…  It causes us to: lose our perspective; damages our character; lose ourselves and even better leeches our free will.

Its reward and punishment schemes are intentionally like gambling designed to be addictive, it carries out constant surveillance of society, it manipulates because it has a feedback loop, this feedback loop focuses on negative responses because they negative are immediate and positive are slower, & contrary ti the GDPR nonsense the manipulation to society and our psychology is far more damaging than the data privacy aspects.

There is a correlation with depression teenage suicide too. It reduces the quality of relationships, not to mention wasting vast amounts of time to worthless interaction.

This manipulation causes us to lose our perspective and trust in news and undermines the quality of our decision making and creates polarisation of views

Jaron says the social media models such as Facebook, are all systemically created to sell advertising and influence our behaviour

If no manipulation like the TV – then its OK

Human thinking without social media manipulation by preserving our perspective is a wonderful thing, yet will become a rare thing.

No perspective no conversation!