Agile & innovative yeah? – we are extraordinarily good at avoiding taking NEW action? A few weeks back I ran a session with a big 4 firm to enable then identify and face the Carillion Patisserie Valerie type challenge. We used to show them how to get the corporate governance right, thereby identify and resolve fraud before it becomes an issue. (The issue is hidden, and inactivity is caused by what people say) After the first session it’s always funny to observe how even the partners create childlike excuses to avoid acting. So unless we have an opportunity to try and practice taking new actions, that’s where we stay? At a winningthinking colloquium you will experience you and your peers cumulatively taking over 100 new actions – it’s powerful and exciting! How can we progress without taking new actions and what will prompt us to do so? It’s well known The Carillion, or Patisserie Valerie type challenge is often not enough to change course! (In fact the tougher the challenge the more we malfunction) Are you aware of the bottlenecks inside your organisation that are stifling taking new action and progress? Challenge yourself: what’s your reason not to act? ? cheers Tom hashtagleadership hashtaginnovation