artificialintelligence… plays to our human vulnerabilities :   1. inability to “un-discover” things 2. inability to speak out against the raft of flawed mantras 3. fear of being left behind: overcoming rational decision making 4. we cant process exponential learning – we only think linear hashtagartificialintelligence is an existential risk to humanity with no parallels to previous industrial revolutions, for example unlike the Luddite era only affected 3% of the population this affects 75% of peoples roles.  The parallel between employment is that digital giants employ 75% less people than traditional companies, so impact on job losses sensible estimates c40% in c10 years or so. The damage to society on relationships we can see right now alienating many more – alienated people don’t behave well or predictably. Increasing value add of people nope we will be left out of decision making and wont be able to cope with the speed of AI either.. We should reach an global agreement to stop and or create guidelines for hashtagartificialintelligence rather than let the consequence of these flaws prevail? Its time to act now because this is the time that the main decisions are being made and plans implemented. Got the courage? uncovers the flaws have a great day! Tom