My summary of the hashtagartificialintelligence session from the House of Lords Parliamentary group tonight… 1 no one considering the macro risks, 2 we have already lost control, but are unaware of the signs 3 the big4 EY this time, are still making misleading statements underestimating the downside, although the downside is digitally enabled business models beyond ai, yet still no sympathy.. they should know better. 4 no awareness of the psychology and flawed thinking in the session 5. China will not hang about for us and slow their 2025 plan nor operate by our rules 6 no-one will pick up the pieces if no one is considering this now? Nor can the public sector can’t cope now. 7 no means of stopping 8 plenty of flawed generals. 9 gdpr and bsi no chance of keeping up Unlike Elon Musk I have not given up?. But it’s madness beyond the worst company turnaround – at a sort of national level. Don’t tell anyone I shouldn’t have taken this photo in the lobby ? So in summary yes we are too stupid to manage AI.