Is 2013’s silver bullet created by focussing on how a business executes strategy?


My pioneering experience, has shown that lasting business value is Tom Pickeringcreated in the way in which strategy is executed. If you get the strategy execution right, cultures permanently change, making strategy and execution unstoppable and a way of life. This way of working enables the people in the business to deliver really remarkable financial results from that point onwards.


Yet – A March 2013 survey of 600 global executives concluded that only 13% of businesses rated themselves as the best at executing strategy. These best executors were 47% ahead on the financial benchmarks and 45% were ahead in that their business models were aligned with their strategies.


To investigate this fascinating opportunity and identify the main actions to close the gap, I have created this survey to get your input.  


Early indications are highlighting some exciting results; simple things that can be done to completely transform a business and enable it to become a great place to work and attract the best.


Your input is equally valuable regardless of your perspective; employee, director, professional, senior executive, one man band. I would greatly appreciate it if you could spend 20-30 minutes to complete this survey, and trust this will be your time well spent. It requires some thought so please persevere, as new thinking is how capability is built and for the FDs amongst you, where the money is.


Take this survey


I expect to present these results at a Strategy Execution Summit of business leaders in October. As it is related to the same subject, I would be very grateful if you could also take the last 5 minutes to cover the last few questions, so I can take your advice on which areas I should change too.


In return for the time you spend completing this; I will send you the fascinating results.


In anticipation, thank you for your contribution and I very much appreciate your input and advice which I hope you can complete by the cut off date next Friday 30th August.


With thanks and best wishes

Tom Pickering
Icebreaker Executive
0207 193 5518 


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