This policy briefing paper to inform Westminster Hall Debate covers key discussion points including crypto payments systems and stablecoins.

Policy Brief for Westminster Hall Debate on the “Government’s Regulatory Approach to Crypto-Assets & Currencies”


Download Policy Brief – Click Here



Dear APPG Blockchain Members & Community,


On behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain, and the Secretariat, Big Innovation Centre, we are delighted to invite you to download and read our policy brief, published in advance of the Westminster Hall Debate on the “Government’s Regulatory Approach to Crypto-Assets & Currencies”, which will take place on Wednesday 7th September 2022 from 09:30 – 11:00.


This policy briefing paper covers key discussion points for the Westminster Hall debate including, crypto payments systems, stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and how effective regulation can help turn the UK into a global crypto-hub.


The purpose of this brief is to enlighten those that will be contributing in the debate on cryptocurrency and crypto-assets, and the impact that regulation may have. Further, in anticipation of the Financial Services & Markets Bill, this policy brief aims to inform legislators about the concepts and trends around cryptocurrency, assets and stablecoins.


A preview example of statements and definitions which are included in the briefing paper:


  • “Cryptocurrencies allow for efficiency. As they will re-write financial rules in the UK in terms of how we spend, pay, and invest, effective regulation must ensure the new systems are ‘desirable’.”
  • “Any framework should be dynamic and continuously evolving to keep pace with changes within the whole financial services industry”
  • “Stablecoins are a form of cryptocurrency that try to peg their market value to an external reference, for example a fiat currency (e.g., US Dollar).”
  • “Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital tokens, issued by a central bank, that are pegged to a state’s fiat currency (e.g., Pound Sterling).”


Download Policy Brief for Westminster Hall Debate on the “Government’s Regulatory Approach to Crypto-Assets & Currencies” – Click Here


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