Are you too busy…? In this successful profitable £100m (£8M EBITA) business the team were effective for 1.7 hrs / day.

To explain last week I engaged with a capable, engaging, humble, ambitious board member and great leader of a £100m t/o business making £8M EBITDA.  She didn’t get how to recognise misguided activity from the 3 minute chapter 7 – “Achieving a Breakthrough” of

She was desperate to understand what she was missing. It became clear that the content was in her blind spot, so she was stuck –  So… to break the deadlock by making this specific to her I analysed our discussion in the context of chapter 7 .

The picture below is a summary of what she said. If this was representative this would misguide 78% of her teams activity & in parallel what really matters would become very difficult to raise too! This is the seedbed of unpleasant surprises.

The paradox is that these type of statements become increasingly attractive and digestible in uncertain times! Her humble style made her very popular – which was great start. Think how much better if her business could be if that 78% was recognised and energy harnessed? If you don’t get this and are too busy lets talk… 🙂 Best Tom