What is the benefit in working with us?star performance

Icebreaker Executive is an owner managed business with a laser like results and customer focus. The whole team are responsible for creating and delivering exceptional work. Our reputation is built upon results and repeat business.

Icebreaker Executive bring passion and tenacity to supporting hard working business owners make their businesses become shining stars with a plan to realise the potential to profitably grow. We provide a dedicated team to resourcefully support the whole process, motivated to achieve the same outcome.

For the owner, the benefits are twofold..

  • First, the shareholders get a deal!
  • Secondly, they maximise their value as the firm has a demonstrable plan for growth and a medium term exit option with further upside.public listed PE performance

For the finance house, they deliver best value for the client and also get a deal! And a deal at a greater value than without icebreaker input. For the investor, they have a business with a real and deliverable plan for growth which we are committed to, making the deal far more attractive than it might otherwise have been.

Icebreaker Uniqueness

We have no baggage and can do exactly what is right for the business owners