whites act in their own interest convergence where it suits them financially / advantages – only time act, love their neighbour opposite

intersectionality more division claims the better intersection victim oppressor, create more groups of victims the better

deal with categories rectify the problem

colour competence to speak on the topic

tenets – victim ideology – get the shorter end of stick greed woe is me, susceptible to woke, Jobe all of this suffering

materialist worldview, advance to manipulate other people the only way to operate – untrue

went through speak about it, cancer – speak about that – some have more wisdom according to God, not victim and experience

foe allegiances

trans people don’t exist, either man or women

i am gay lesbian no engage in sinful acts

Marxist utopia – in the end equality we will get there eventuality, John Lenon’s world “live as one”

victim replace – receive everything from God bad or good from God not from man

victim advocates not victims – speaking on behalf of others, speak on behalf of themselves, don’t have a victim ideology

not materialism – enchanted world, the soul of man with God – spiritual not material, God brings justice

Marxism – victimization is the opium of the people – injustices weak people in religion.

Alliengenaces, not foes, individualism neglected what it means to be part of the body of Christ one church, he’s your brother

deal with people, houses, and one visible church – heart enlarged, Christians are in covenant together

post-millennial dispute, evangelical pious no agenda, sinners saved, no plan on earth – open door to woke – given me a purpose