The big4 do seem to be stoking up its self-serving woke #intersectionalism (victim-centric) #gravytrain. Leaders must deal with the specifics and ask the #women specifically, or else these woke #generals just fuel division and #conflict.

This is about “equality of opportunity” NOT forcing “equality of outcome.” The latter is tyranny and wrecks businesses too or should we level up the prison population to 50/50, 95% of prisoners are men, or bricklayers only 1% of bricklayers are women?

Its clear woke ideology eg intersectionalism is perfect for consultants to create repeat business, by fuelling the woke victim and oppressor diatribe.

Most women from my experience, don’t want to become CEOs, or after age 30 their priorities change, which is fine!

Apart from my work in Saudi in 2005 where there were no women at all at Saudi Telecom (which has now changed and the Saudi ethics were impeccable), I have definitely never come across any situation, in the hundreds of businesses that I have worked in, where women were discriminated against or any barriers to OPPORTUNITIES were erected against women.

I actively promote anyone that can take MORE responsibility.

Let’s not lie either – there is also a moral / responsibility for parents to spend time looking after their children too, and women are DEFINITELY and naturally far better at that than men, or our kids get neglected! Just look at your bodies, you may have noticed that women have bits that men don’t :)..?

Avoid responding to generalisations, in particular those that are victim-centric too