What is bitcoin, an asset a currency, digital gold? How do you value it?

#cryptocurrencys play to all human vulnerabilities, FOMO, scarcity and hedge fund practices propping values up, but what is it an asset, currency, digital gold, or just a hyped inflationary scheme? The worry is investors don’t know either nor what drives them yet can’t afford to get off the wagon..

Quoted from Coin Telegraph

“One of the most enduring cryptocurrency-related narratives revolves around the search of crypto’s definition as an asset class. Is Bitcoin (BTC) more of a digital currency or digital gold? Do its unique properties warrant viewing it as something completely distinct from the established categories of financial instruments? A recently published report by JPMorgan Chase’s strategists has sparked yet another round of such debates.
The conclusions that the report presents are at odds with the “Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset” trope that has become somewhat conventional wisdom lately. The authors contend that the original cryptocurrency is actually not that great of a hedge in a situation when markets are undergoing severe stress and that expansion of retail ownership has rendered it more similar to a cyclical asset that moves up and down along with the stock market. ”