I think #Bitcoin / #blockchain started as a hollow fad until investors figured out how they could pump up its value. This hollow profit seems to have corrupted and drawn in a far wider audience. The below paper suggests that communities could collate around cryptocurrency to form countries.

I think there is an attractive notion to try and create some sort of utopia, interestingly Rabbi Sachs said these communities fail unless they put others first, or fuel elite ones that don’t end well eg 1930s rise of the Weimar Republic.

There is a threat to nation-states by diverting cash, taxation & control from national government-controlled currencies into these decentralised crypto bullshit farms. For China it’s about total population surveillance and for Silicon Valley, it’s about dumpig the poor?

Civilisations are measured by their interest in looking after the poor, What will these digital nations do with their less fortunate, I expect to see them as a burden and kick them out?

History is for sure clear on this, this digital utopia for sure won’t end well, but I’m sure more tech will be required to fix the impossible issues the techies are blindly creating.

There is digital divide techies & non-techies, albeit the non-techies who care – are very silent, – not healthy?

enjoy Tom