Our experience is that businesses need to be able to answer these questions positively and be acting on them;

building value a resilience check and some learning’s
Do you have the right team around you?

  • you must have the right people on the bus before deciding where to drive it

Do you plan to sell your business now?

  • or given the means is you plan to ideally take a step back out of the operational running and sell it in 2 years

Would you consider to maximising the return by exiting within a 2 year period?

  • what timeline are you looking to exit / sell the business?

Are you looking to divest a non core business and need a caretaker to oversee the process?

  • is the business non core and a distraction to key management? Would you like a team to take away the need to drag in core management and oversee the exit process for you?

Do you need to secure the top line, or are you open to challenging your business model?

  • before selling the business you need to make sure its secure and that  you have a succession plan that can run without you

Are you looking to define and realise a major change?

  • have you taken on board and acted upon your businesses brutal truths?

Support management to up skill your team during a transition without adverse fallout?

  • building value and capability during a owners exit is critical to scale and sell the business

Do you need additional funding or are you unable to meet payments on time?

  • what is the cash position does the business need extra funding. we can work with you to identify the successful outcome and deliver the plan to get through a crisis, and manage stakeholders along the way

Are shareholders, the bank or critical customers on board?

  • critical stakeholders need to be confident in a good plan and very often this needs external support to pull this together as this for most business owners is uncharted territory.

Do you have a good handle on the day to day running of the business and capability development plan?

  • if the business is dependent on the owner to call the shots its not worth much, or the value is in the lap of the gods!

Is there a succession and effective management team capable of making good decisions?

  • very rarely so, this is an icebreaker core capability


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