Resourcing the solution dispassionately

Probably the most important factor in all of this is doing what is right for the business to succeed and depending on the stage protecting the creditors position

  • Icebreaker manage this approach very closely with our very skilled team of experts and resource the solution to suit the business success rather than our own, and watch closely that the process does not become proprietary.
  • We set a very few clear priorities for creating value and communicate these consistently
  • We put the right people in the right jobs and focus and support them on the right objectives
    • We create a robust structure and adhere to formal decision rules and assign specific roles.
    • We link robust decision-making procedures to well-tuned business processes and continually raise the bar to develop high performing teams for effective execution.

A turnaround does not have to be a financial crisis – this is a case study excerpt of a Non distressed business restart due to new owners expectations with far higher expectations

“Icebreaker Executive’s great strength is leading people and teams. they had to overcome a culture in the company where people were not held accountable for their actions and rarely made decisions. Through mentoring and working closely with individuals (often on a one to one basis). they were able, by the time they left, to create a team who thought for