The icebreaker executive solution

Just like Accident and Emergency icebreaker executive deploy a team of experts to do this work and see if there is a viable outcome

day 0– half day to evaluate root cause, successful outcome and business viability

  • identify simple root cause and get it right first time;
    • e.g. reduce marketing spend by 50% and apportion effectively to grow the business
    • key measures e.g. discounting, sales planning, etc
    • refocus on what is important – frame for all decision making at ALL times
  • cash requirements – where is going to come from
  • What works well, what is the culture of the business, how do they make decisions?
    • main players
  • what is the solvency of the business NOW and in the near future; cash and balance sheet
  • define whether the business viable
    • how much time is available from existing resources
    • are stakeholders’ expectations realistic
    • are the management team capable / what are the gaps
  • take formal advice
    • insolvency
    • market
    • sound out likely funders
  • what is the viable plan
    • do the management have the skills to execute it
    • what changes are viable
    • are stakeholders on board
  • how will the transition be funded?
  • what is an appropriate means of becoming involved?
    • what are the terms and conditions?
    • who is underwriting the solvency of the business
  • initial sounding out of external funding options interest and terms of engagement