Getting the patient out of critical care creating the plan to invest in..

wk0 -2 – due diligence detail / refine root cause and outcome actions, easy and likelihood of execution

wk1-3 stakeholder sign off / formal legal ratification of plan / escalation routes, key milestones?

Wk2 are there adequate stakeholders on board – who needs managing or replacing are investors interested?

day 0 empower the team / clarify ownership

  • establish the single source of the truth; sources of key data
  • cascade the objectives
    • leave “how” with the team, present back their plans , escalation process, mandate
  • things to stop doing and spending on NOW
  • focus on results no words
  • no blame culture, process not personal
  • ground rules for working together / team work
  • meeting structure / mandatory / not

wk1 implementation

  • amnesty; focus on what works
  • identify lead indicators – inputs to the financials
  • short term funding solutions e.g. stock clearance
  • create simple reporting structure
  • create ownership for all critical aspects
    • fill gaps / create support structure plug gaps in organisation
    • marketing
    • sales
    • discounts
    • operations etc
    • customer management
    • burning fires
  • things to stop spending on NOW
  • containment and stabilisation
  • quick wins
  • capability gaps / building
  • immediate issues; get to solvency
  • measurement team working
    • cash management / control
    • 13 week rolling cash forecast / manage sign off / inputs
  • support challenge framework
  • review vs objectives and review framework

establish intermediate KPIs