AI – strategic nonsense fueled by no critical thinking

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The House of Lords is where it was happening this evening, another #artificialintelligenceai all party parliamentarians group, "#artificialintelligence in the boardroom" Can we manage the risk? - Macro level ethical and societal [...]

ethical ai – LOL

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#ethicalaiLOL... here is some proper thinking on why we won't be able to control #artificialintelligence or #machinelearning "Already there exist today machines completing tasks without help from human programmers. The programmers themselves do not understand how [...]

The “Sycophantic Eagle” has landed: and it’s antidote: openness and critical thinking

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This "UK sycophant era" must stop. It is a time to put and ask the tough questions... Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) declared over the weekend that it’s time “to quarantine China from [...]

The Launch of the Institute of Ethical Artificial Intelligence @Oxford Brookes on 11 Feb 2020

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Ethics is what drives us whether our ethics are good or bad 3.20: Professor Linda King, Oxford Brookes, set out the importance of x functional collaboration with faculties and industry 3.35: Professor Nigel [...]

Is the endgame to fix #AI rather than recognizing there might be alternatives?

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Is the endgame to fix hashtag#AI rather than recognizing that the hashtag#tech operates upon, creates and enhances bias for example, tech business models increase wealth inequality, reduce sales prices, online increases operating [...]

House of Lords All Party Parliamentary Group the Enterprise Adoption Of AI 21 Oct 2019

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House of Lords All Party Parliamentary Group the Enterprise Adoption Of AI 21 Oct 2019 Panel Representation from REC, Rialto, KPMG, PWC, Goldsmiths Uni Observations and notes from the meeting: Exec Summary [...]

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