Profitless convergent mobility business models will uproot the #automotiveindustry

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Profitless convergent mobility business models will uproot the hashtag#automotiveindustry, they are owning and designing the vehicles. This is an unprecedented threat, that is difficult to know how to respond to. China is [...]

China’s innovation

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Super Smart and whilst Rome burns what are we doing in the UK, becoming overwhelmed with politically correct flawed responses to the challenges we face. The Chinese will come and take our [...]

The big threat from China

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The big threat from China is that they see business as attack and dominate. They don't care about our rules, peoples welfare or in fact even making money.. they are set out [...]

China and inward investment!

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In the case of China in particular making countries including the UK open to inward investment is not always a good thing "There are growing concerns that lending rather investments dominates China’s [...]

Profitless Growth in China Zaopin

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Evan Guo's -     justification for internet companies NOT making money -      "its a distraction and constrains infrastructure investment"      ??

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