How inept might we be becoming?

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This is a great article illustrating how inept we might be becoming. Are the well-intentioned political correct mantras, chatbots, and tech obsession inadvertently making us increasingly inept, and corrupting our integrity and [...]

Unicorn vs Cheshire cat?

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"Big, of course, begets big. As more and more heavyweight VCs bid up the value of start-ups, others have to follow. It’s up or out. The result has been not only a [...]

Youtube manipulation

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YouTube’s algorithm, especially, has an outsize influence. The platform is estimated to be second only to Google in web traffic, and 70% of what users watch is fed to them through recommendations. In recent [...]

Tech manipulation

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Her study’s findings imply that visual distractions — like the ones caused by the flash of a “new message” alert or a news update — might distort a person’s memory of an [...]