One of our greatest flaws is our yearning for certainty.    This is because certainty even when it is a bad decision is preferable to uncertainty.

Certainty for certainties sake remains the most common response to Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous business (VUCA) situations; “the new global norm”

How do you manage in a VUCA environment?    These skills are developed during the unique privilege of leading a turnaround when there is no certainty and the business has often lost sight of its core and this has to be recreated and there after immediately create and launch a high performing business.

Polman CEO of Unilever says, “nobody created a business for shareholders” and “we need people who are more concerned for others than themselves” you know he means it.

I would go further and add we need people who are more concerned for the business than themselves too!   These are the traits developed by the humble people that are best at delivering a company turnaround.