Change your thinking to achieve real change

So how do you see change? Do you embrace it as a positive force that will bring benefits and successes for you and your business, as an opportunity to keep the good elements and to discard the rest? Or do you see it as an inevitable destruction of something good – born out of bad times and of having no other options? What we think and how we approach change is essential to the positive impact and overall success of any changes we make.

So how do we ‘accentuate the positive’ and do away with all the rest?

Well it is often by doing something radical; to change the way we have always done things or seen things. To look at something in a different way and to search for other options and solutions. But if you are currently looking to turnaround or realign your business or to embark on a change management programme is this really the time to be bold and radical? Or would it be better to play safe and do what you have always done before?

And if you simply do what you did before, does this approach have a good track record – did it really provide your business with positive, long lasting and high-value results? Maybe this is the time to try something new – to embrace change and to see where it takes you. But you need to know that your new radical approach has worked before. That it truly can deliver real change and real success.

As executive interim managers our well established, robust and proven approach to change is radically different, as is our delivery of this approach. We are not here to simply tell you what to do and then leave. We do not look to extend the length of a contract in order to make it more financially rewarding. And we pride ourselves on the infrequency of our repeat business: if we do our job well our clients often do not need to re-engage our services. We win awards for this level or service.

In addition we would also like to invite you and your team to attend our exclusive and innovative course on change leadership which will enable you to successfully implement and deliver change. And the level of success and growth will increase further if you also engage with an interim manager at the same time. In fact we believe this so strongly that we are currently offering a discount if you attend with an interim manager who is working on, or about to commence, an assignment within your company.

f this sounds of interest you can read more about the course ‘The people side of change management’ at or why not get in touch to discuss this further? We look forward to hearing from you.