Can you build an enduring business without taking NEW action? Last week 250 of 7000 of you took this unique opportunity to take NEW action. Its our thinking that drives new actions, to enable us to adapt to: changes; the future and threats? Conversely if you are disengaged no NEW action is taken? So are you 6750 or your people engaged? What does doing more of the same look like to your peers? Its extraordinarily unusual to take new actions, so whats your reason – Too busy? (its only 2 minutes long!) blaming my credentials / my email grammar? This are negative generals – incorrect flawed thinking BUT perfect thinking to justify inactivity 🙂 This week consider Chapter 3 of 12 of® “How do you Create Committed Employees?” : if the organisation environment you have created determines your peoples performance, how can you measure performance before getting your organisation environment right? As a check of your commitment – its not free anymore :), but if you would like to engage and cant afford it let me know. Will you take a lead on taking new action to drive this disruptive innovation forwards and transform your business?   Only the best Tom, CEO 


5- 2.2 How do you create committed employees? from on Vimeo.