The mantra of climate disaster has been driven by a political agenda or WEF etc – world government not capitalism – power issue chose global warming as their mantra /issue to get around and create their activists

People links climate change to human activity NOT interested in natural climate variability

Greta cult psychological problem suicidal, fed but kids cant filter

No common sense. Very bad – kids being depressed is a big problem – what mean for next generation, all for a political agenda – get rid of fossil fuels?

Moving too fast from net zero using wind and solar is the biggest risk right now, because that money should be invested in preparing for local natural disasters not wind and solar, it will cripple economies

Fossil fuels are needed in developing world to make these changes and make the products to develop the solutions over the next 30 years

The psychology of the “emergency” mantras focus on making the link with people and extreme weather events, when ice caps are probably as much dues to sub sea volcanic activity.

So, Judith has been cancelled by the academic world

The weather was worse and more disastrous in the 1930s than now, the last 5 years cycle has been bad too.

The earth is NOT fragile, (Biblical perspective its looked after by God NOT us!)

Use resources in country and invest in protecting natural systems and defenses and be sensible

Sea level rises are a problem, but we need more water that global warming creates

climate events witnesses now are mainly inevitable, and inertia of previous actions impossible to stop

Global warming is not necessarily bad

Africa needs energy and resources to sort out and protect their economies

We will need more energy in the future

Focus should be to protect emerging economies from climate events to grow their economies to be able to afford the solution over the next 20-30 years

Burning wood and dung is very bad for the environment!