Collaborate with experts
What is clear in the private sector is there is a real need to let go of capabilities that are not longer a source of value; those capabilities that with the focus on specialisation in emerging markets have become commodities, and focus on addressing the tough issues, building intangible assets and build a flexible business model capable of managing the remaining chain of capabilities in a truly global sustainable way.
The capabilities should fit with sustainable sources of revenue, with profits earned through a demonstrable ability to develop and maintain capability. The orchestrator will earn their position by setting the targets and overseeing the capability and delivery of the entire chain.
Value will come from emerging JVs partnerships not through being nice to each other more taking advantage of the productive spark that emerges in joint working and embracing what the mavericks have been telling you.
This emerging model undermines the traditional source intellectual property as a source sustainable source of value, it is more the way organisations interact, and the rate of their incremental development that will keep them ahead.