What is the answer to the big4’s corrupt auditing? Create an environment at all levels where people feel free to speak up. People have a very good sense if something is wrong. But if you create a tyranny of tolerance you will compromise their integrity and the good ones will join the corrupt masses. It’s often jobs worth to speak up? Shutting down discussion or marginalising input is the first sign of corruption and should be a red rag to a bull in the big 4 firms 75% of people will knowingly do something wrong. So the mavericks with a spine must be recruited and encouraged to lead. In my experience the same applies to the big 4s promotion of AI they have the resources to do the analysis to prove the forthcoming macro disaster, rather than that why not just feed the gravy train and play on peoples fear. The problems only becomes apparent when a business collapses yet auditors should be able to recognise flawed statements like the Carillion mantra, “2% margins are OK because its all about cash flow.” then oops.. winningthinking.uk creates an environment where people are free to speak up, its the means to recognise the warning signs of what to challenge. legislating just makes things worse. interesting time? cheers T https://www.ft.com/video/06ba2f48-401d-42ba-b0a3-dc2e7efd06db