“Effective engagement and building value in turnaround and distressed or change scenarios”

“This event enables board level executives to recognize the human roadblocks to the change they introduce, and how to get buy-in in turnaround situations” John Webster CEOGB

“Without doubt the most powerful formal learning experience of my life. Everyone who participates with an open mind will come away from the event a changed person. A must for senior management operating in a rapidly changing environment” Sean Clancy Interim CPO“In an incredibly short period this course imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding of the principles behind the proven tools for coaching at senior levels. I can see that, with a little more diligent practice, these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader who is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.” Alistair Marketing Director

“Excellent content and format, I believe the Course will help me to win business and manage engagements far more effectively.” Darrell Smith Legal Counsel

In a turnaround customer behaviours are always entrenched and reasoning distorted, leaving those engaging without the right skills at grave risk of destroying value. This often pushes a troubled business past the point of no return, and or leading to firing the wrong people.


This program enables the Turnaround executive to leverage the latent internal resource rather than flooding the business with expensive support. By addressing the “People side” of turnaround management, the incumbent team – if led in the right way – can have a chance to develop the skills to succeed in their new environment.


About John Webster. The 2 day event is passionately led by John Webster. John has coached over 1000 CEOs and trained over 100 senior executives on the CEO Masters level executive coach training program. John is a leading portfolio chairman who has operated in the private equity market for over 35 years, so he vast operational experience as well as being an expert in this field

Our specialist training mitigates this risk: whilst knowledge of how humans behave in difficult circumstances is a relatively new science