The fall out of the European neo-socialist structure: whilst self-righteous, no one wants to take responsibility. As Margarate Thatcher said gov debt is OUR debt.. But. This is what today’s BDO report finds. This is what the Chair of KPMG was talking about, “stop whinging and take action.” I would add #newaction. But then I will get fired 🙂

– Despite the £300bn Government debt, 43% of respondents don’t want there to be any tax increases for the next 12 months while we begin to recover from the pandemic
– Over half think tax reliefs should be given to companies that innovate and invest to meet environmental standards
– 44% want a well-funded skills-based programme to train individuals whose jobs no longer exist
– 42% want errors to be checked in COVID-19 pay-outs and tackling so-called ‘furlough fraud’.

To get to the #newaction you need or bleed your business slowly to death in delusion in a silent woke stupor while the world falls apart around you.

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enjoy Tom