What is the limit of an employee’s contribution?

To set up an enduring business, it’s critical to find a means to realise the endless creativity in your people. So what are the enabling factors? Contrary to popular belief we are all born with pretty much the same ability. Entrepreneurs demonstrate time and again that the main factor limiting creativity is aspiration, passion and opportunity. This aspiration is often literally reprogrammed out of us as children, then later as adults when we join companies and are forced to comply with a weird new world. Entrepreneurs bear this out consistently and are programmed in a different way. Leaders if they know how to do it, can however set peoples aspirations, liberate passion and provide these opportunities and create an environment where people can excel.

This overview in 1 liners is intended to capture the experience and challenge.

Company Culture and Passion

Great products and services are fine, but what would your business be worth if you could liberate the passion of the people in your business?  Why do many exceptional people leave organisations; because they can’t work there?

Why should you change a culture to affect a business’s value?

There is a systemic norm within our workplaces which acts a a roadblock preventing businesses moving forwards from mediocrity to becoming enduring and great. It’s a leader’s responsibility to create an environment within which people can excel. This culture enables the business owner to realise their businesses value.

It’s down to you as the boss

Think of all the bosses you have worked for over the years. What were the characteristics of that boss, when you performed at your best? What is fascinating about this question is that everyone ALWAYS answers it in the same way.

Take the passion test

As an employee and/or boss, how does this statement resonate with you or your employees?

 “I am a creative and passionate person, but feel unwanted.”

Why do passionate business people feel unwanted?

The root of the issue is the control exerted in mature economies by a group of 300 of the richest people worldwide (a planeful) who possess the same wealth as 300 billion of the poorest people on the planet and the simple truth is that they want to hold onto their cash. This dynamic remains at lower levels and motivates the controlling structures that have been selfishly fuelled by the baby boomers. This effect has squandered the passion and creativity in our businesses and become the cultural norm that we work in. This means of hoarding is flawed, but is very well rooted in a mature economy society. The uneven distribution of wealth also undermines the spending dynamic of normal people and is at the root of how our economies are functioning.

You can’t buy passion

Like running up a sand dune, businesses do not grow if customer service is not exceptional and predictable. What is it that makes the customer experience exceptional? It’s simply… Passionate people working together towards a common purpose. Creating predictable results is about liberating untapped capability and demonstrating to employees YOUR trust… The myopic focus on emerging economies as a mean to achieve growth for many businesses is a fatal attraction & fatal distraction. Guy Hands in the last few weeks interestingly stated that the European based economy still provides some of the best well rooted investment opportunities.

To change culture you change “the how” and root “the what” in truth

Organisations should create passionate people, by making employees feel wanted. We should encourage rather than control diversity and continually challenge ourselves to create the environment within which employees excel.

How does icebreaker executive make this happen?

I have found working as portfolio chair to resolve the issues at board level is the best means to revitalise the executives, remove their shackles and enable them to get the business working properly. They can then liberate their teams and their OWN latent passion and exactly like clockwork – everyone follows.

Case Study – what does the customer say about this approach?

Why does this interest me – because it’s my passion and calling to enable business owners to find the courage to face up to the facts – get the scenario right and create an environment within which people can excel.,

This is the last piece of work in progress described in the customer’s words. We are doing all the right things to grow sales at Printco London Limited by over 2x this year in a very tough but robust market. These guys are passionate.

Businesses need a catalyst

Icebreaker executive act as catalysts who get to the truth, re- engage the passionate people in your business and help you harness a positive response by creating a culture and climate where people can excel.

What are those characteristics of your boss, when you performed at your best? Ask how the passionate people feel in your business.