Creating an unfair advantage: Part 2: become productive

Last week a LBO investor said one of his investments was up for sale yet the CEO was pushing the unprofitable international business rather than the profitable core business. How could that be and what is the solution?

Why is so successful?

It might surprise you to know that it’s not by prescribing what you should eat!

How do we use to become productive?

Whats the issue to resolve?

Is the productivity gap down to the slow adoption of technology? No. Let me explain using these 3 recent war stories:

This is reality and its common:

Automotive manufacturer: “we have been through worse before” (Chairman) Their 3 main projects lost £2m wasted 18 months, the MD and chairman were tied up firefighting, had no business process and made no progress on resolving the underlying issues.

A Tech Business had spent £10.5m over 11 years developing a product that should have cost £1m and taken 12 months. Yet the founder maintained they “we cannot not create a plan”.

Artificial intelligence tech leader “people are machines (Founder)” the perfect justification for an AI centrist strategy, what is strategic impact if people are NOT machines?

There is a common theme:

When faced with a challenge these statements justify the status quo, so completely misdirect activity from what matters. Its common because we just don’t see this – its in the executives blind spots.

Is technology the answer?

So, the focus on artificial intelligence / digital as the means to improve productivity in these organisations is just nuts: but like any other flawed mantra when faced with a challenge this can become the perfect mantra distraction from addressing what really matters?

“Have you noticed how hard it is to challenge the AI mantra?”

Its nuts because if the thinking and assumptions are not straightened this tech will just accelerate the wasted activities linked to these flawed strategies above.

Whats the alternative?

We have just run another winningthinking session with a portfolio VC: Automotive manufacturer “We can’t reduce overheads, we are already lean” (CEO) This roadblock unnecessarily forced the VC to replace the MD. “winningthinking was enlightening we don’t want to run their businesses, they know better.” “the winningthinking toolkit is a effective alternative to just replacing management.”

How much time to these distractions cost?

Our analysis show that even in successful businesses 70% of activity is wasted, so it’s no wonder you are busy?

Do you value being Busy?

If 70% of your activity could be wasted – Do you still value being busy?

Whats the answer

Are you blind to this: if you were aware that they were wasting 70% of your time you would do something about it?

A winningthinking strategy session highlights the opportunity that is a euphoric breakthroughs. Have you ever experienced mass euphoria at work 🙂

The result?

This process has been proven using the winningthinking approach to liberate organisational speed of execution and create a double digit profit improvement. You cant achieve these results without the process.

Too busy to Lose Wait?

If you would like to join us on this exciting journey just call.

Some businesses may need to lose weight, but every business needs to lose ‘WAIT’. Procrastination is a commercial disease that is threatening the health of our economy. With the speed at which the world is now changing, we all need to open our eyes to the bad habits we’ve fallen into and any bad decisions we’ve been making – and we need to do it today, before it’s too late!

Have a great day