A definition;

Icebreakers are uniquely built boats and ships which are designed to break through ice in a specific, carefully managed way in order to avoid causing greater problems – like becoming trapped in the ice. They are used to keep important navigational routes open and to keep trade and commerce moving.

Icebreaker Executive – Transferring skills. Leaving legacies.

icebreaker  think like business owners.     We are a resourceful firm of situation specialists that work with corporate customers, private equity and other leading organisations; who have very ambitious plans, or face significant challenges.     Tom is a Senior Exec with award winning and extensive multi sector turnaround, business change and improvement experience across all key functional areas taken from leading periods of critical value growth in both SME and FT100.

Many good businesses unaware of 2012’s emerging complex threats will unnecessarily fail by being unable to navigate through new challenges.     The icebreaker Solution provides “a one stop shop” to integrate the elements of the solution to accelerate the recovery.

Icebreaker Guarantee and ease of doing business

Complete Integrity.  If we can’t deliver a substantial return on our commitment – we won’t engage.

Icebreaker uniqueness

Icebreaker get from analysis to implementation far faster and more robustly, significantly evaluating capability and developing the client team during the process. This is harnessed in our professional development and unique way we work with businesses.