Do “Meddling Bosses” create “Dependent Chicks”?
Last Tuesday I shared part 1 of the 6 insights from the ANOTHER100k program: the counterintuitive approaches we have refined over the last 10 years which have enabled the simplified execution of complex strategic change in international plcs and SMEs, much faster, and without stress. By freeing people up en masse these approaches have also opened up new business opportunities in organisations that had felt overwhelmed by events and initiative overload.

Why is the content so beautifully simple? Part 1 was about letting people talk without interrupting them: this can be done as part of the business as usual; yet it transform results. Amazingly simple but often a unique experience: this is a keystone of a capability that can rapidly implement and commercialise customer solutions that are usually missed because everyone is too busy.

From these 6 simple active ingredients the active outcome is a team’s ability to evolve strategy and their speed of execution: without the “chick like dependency” of a team: that waits to be fed by it’s leader. At its simplest part 1 enables these beautifully imperfect teams we lead to seamlessly capitalise on business opportunities to enable them achieve record cash and profit.

Why is experiential learning helpful?
At the core there is an an opportunity which is my passion for YOU to share with your team: to start the process of creating an environment conducive to experiential learning. During change, experiential learning transforms the strength, resilience and capability of our imperfect people, as well as you and I who as their imperfect leaders.

An environment that values thinking is far more rewarding to lead too: it distributes a leader’s burden for decision making, thinking, action, every element of the delivery and risk to where it should be: owned by their team. This in turn enables the leader to enable them to succeed


Humility is part of the full program content: so the delivery is currently simple but sincere.

So here goes: below is the part 2 of 6 of the ANOTHER100k program. This insight is about general statements and explains an experiential approach that also incrementally transforms your business.

Part 2 of 6 General Statements: The ANOTHER100k program
Part 2 of 6 General Statements: The ANOTHER100k program

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In return for sharing these 6 free approaches:I look forwards to receiving your specific feedback and thoughts by next week.

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Whilst it’s been a challenge to condense 10 pioneering years of business turnaround to form this content, it has become clear that it may be possible to take these approaches forwards yourself.

This enables us to achieve our broad er objective: to vastly increase the number of businesses we can transform and enable our paying ANOTHER100k clients take the approach forwards in their own way.

These videos are intended to fill a 1-2min agenda slot in a management meeting. The content is simple and immediately actionable, a means to transform profits very rapidly and unleashing the potential of the people who have been squandered in your organisation.

John Webster and I have created a series of 52 experiential videos lasting one to two minutes. These are captured in a program called ANOTHER100k. Why ANOTHER100k? Because this content is all about results: not academic badges. These ANOTHER100k videos will be issued to paying ANOTHER100k subscribers every week for 52 weeks of that year.

What’s great, is whilst we are acutely interested in YOU achieving results, we expect you can achieve these results without the need for us to lead the process. Slower seems to suit many organisations: so the ANOTHER100k program is an option to transform your organisation at your pace over 12months. That said, if you have an appetite to accelerate results: we can help 1:1.

Warning:If you implement these 6 free introductory approaches: they will transform results: and having let the genie out of the bag, it is difficult to stuff the genie back in again: so standing still and holding back employees will no longer remain an viable option.

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