My hypotheses is that I don’t think the techies developing hashtagartificialintelligence have any idea how tough worklessness is and what marginalised people that don’t care are like? It’s the seedbed of terrorism. Below is the reason why we must always make EVERY effort NOT to marginalise people in society. I am sure we must plan NOW to mitigate the damage from hashtagdigital and hashtagartificialintelligence and avoid marginalising anyone’s contribution the damage from wet leadership and hashtagpoliticalcorrectness. More see: People that don’t care are truly out of control. From my observations of the CURRENT increases in mental illness, suicide, polarisation, weaker relationships… less free speech, wet attitudes to sexuality, political correctness these all show humans are beginning to misfire pretty badly. We are making a pretty good job now of creating people that are confused and don’t care en masse. Don’t agree? the good news is that a session … is like a pair of glasses help you see what is going on