Do you have a business in 2 years?

One of our recent discussions with an EMEA conglomerate president painted a worrying picture. Their ‘value add’ is down to only 8%. With top down pressure on prices and bottom up pressures on cost – ‘we don’t have a business in 2 years’.
An automotive component supplier becomes insolvent, blaming a fall in revenue and lack of bank funding. Unfortunately the pricing & value add mismatch made this inevitable.
A surveying business’ revenue is falling from £11m to £4m and to compound this, underselling and giving away the value they bring.
You can get away with giving away value in the good times, but in a tougher market you don’t have a business if you don’t know, or forgotten you’ve got it and how to sell it.
Do you regularly take a long hard look at your major business models? Do you go beyond assessing how you can become leaner? Do you look for profound technical and operational transformation?
Transformation that will drive your value creation over the coming years, not relying on doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result each time.
That’s why we are launching, as TMA sponsors, our 2 day portfolio executive turnaround program with the TMA. You find full details here {insert link}
On Tuesday, Icebreaker starts work on a client project with a client who is comfortable to ask for help, and secondly, has asked for help early. Meaning both he and we are confident he will have a business in 2 years time.