Does national women’s day INCREASE discrimination and division?” Or Should we be reducing discrimination and recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of ALL of us: by being and encouraging blindness to gender, age, sexuality, race etc? Positive discrimination towards women is negative discrimination for the other genders? The outcome of by being completely blind to gender, race etc would be to remove discrimination, stop increasing it by raising it, and increase parity and close the gap between us based on merit and ones aspirations? Lets face it either a male of a female in a family should be encouraged to look after their kids too, and that’s a valuable role? My wife is very happy looking after our GIRLs and has no aspirations to climb the career ladder whatsover. Being able to support her financially achieve that and create some great children has been probably my greatest achievement… Notice too how hard it is to have an open discussion around these flawed PC generalisations, we should value free speech above anything. Its the means of keeping society healthy. Consider if political correctness creates confused kids & adults unable to converse in a healthy debate? what do you think? hashtaggender hashtagleadership hashtagdiversity hashtagwomensday hashtagequality