Don’t look for recession – look for solutions

According to Benjamin Franklin, death and taxes are life’s only certainties. If he were around today however, he would surely add a third – the inevitability of slower-moving organisations falling prey to leaner, more flexible emerging business models. Especially in a tougher marketplace.

But how do we make sure our businesses are equipped to combat this threat?

Interim management is a powerful business tool for assessing the full picture and solving problems before they become a serious issue. Effective interim managers analyse a business’s underlying capabilities then identify and implement the changes needed for success now and in the future. They help businesses survive and grow despite an increasing economic slowdown when only those of us who are prepared to adapt and change will be able to succeed.

At Icebreaker, we have applied the same principles to our own operation and as a result we have launched a radical new concept in interim management; one that brings a consistent ethos with extra benefits to clients and targets a return of 1 0 to 20 times the ROI.

We are not consultants in the usual sense of the word and we don’t leave our clients to struggle with implementing our recommendations. We believe in rolling up our sleeves, interacting at all levels, developing internal skills and creating teams who are capable of building and maintaining a lasting legacy.

Hope you have a good summer and please get in touch if you would be interested to find out more.

Tom Pickering

CEO Icebreaker Executive Interim Management Limited & Director of the Institute of Interim Management