Elon Musk has given up on trying to stop hashtagartificialintelligence. Its out of control because of our human flaws: MORE, fear driven decision making, and manipulation, makes it very hard to make sense of let alone stop. tragically i think humans are far too stupid to oversee or govern ai. Merge with AI probably the best if you cant beat it join it – using a high bandwidth neural link to enhance cognitive ability and biological self, probably available in a few months. winningthinking.uk enables you to make sense of AI, your flaws, and improve your cognitive ability to stay ahead and be at your best. No one seems to appreciate the risks – these are hidden in peoples blind-spots. Until the eagle lands, and or actions are taken to raise / mitigate the risks hashtagai is the perfect gravy train for the big4? Its the first time i have seen the big4 push a product that is destroy businesses, society as well as their own business model, the perfect mess to create endless rework.