#ethicalaiLOL… here is some proper thinking on why we won’t be able to control #artificialintelligence or #machinelearning “Already there exist today machines completing tasks without help from human programmers. The programmers themselves do not understand how the machines learned to complete these tasks.”

“The research group attempted to use a theoretical containment algorithm which would serve to stop the behavior of an AI if, after simulating the AI’s behavior, it was considered harmful to humans. The algorithm was found to be impossible to build. No algorithm that we know of can determine whether or not an AI would do something harmful.
Iyad Rahwan, described it this way: “If you break the problem down to basic rules from theoretical computer science, it turns out that an algorithm that would command an AI not to destroy the world could inadvertently halt its own operations. If this happened, you would not know whether the containment algorithm is still analyzing the threat, or whether it has stopped to contain the harmful AI. In effect, this makes the containment algorithm unusable.”

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