Here is an interesting stat: We consistently increase your gross margins by double digits yet you always THINK that this is impossible… “You can’t exceed the limits of your thinking”, but it sure is exciting to take a different perspective to enable you to realise these results for yourself? I 100% agree with increasing pace and disruption: increasing profit or productivity is becoming increasingly difficult? The good news is that in just 3 minutes the breakthrough chapter shares 10 of our case studies to show you and your peers how we have immediately increased profits and by double digits, and what is unconsciously stopping you. At a one day away day Winning Thinking Colloquium you and your team will break these and many other key bottlenecks inside your organisation which are stifling profit and productivity. In 1 day we share the art of what is possible not theory: “Your Masterclass to the Ashridge MBA alumni was magnificent. Everyone lauded your approach: it told it as it is; rather than theorising” If you would like to discuss tailoring a Winning Thinking Colloquium to break the bottlenecks unconsciously created inside your organisation call me. cheers Tom